Mail: Chuck Williams, P.O. Box 436834, Chicago, IL 60643      Phone: 312-560-2592

  • Call or text me, 7 days.
  • Email, surface mail are fine too.
  • Or use the Contact form at the bottom of the page.



Hi, my name is Chuck Williams, I live in Chicago, and I’m blogging about business and community issues here.

I’m also active in volunteer activities in Chicago: 1.) Helping Community Assistance Programs place hard-to-employ adults in meaningful and permanent work; 2.) Service at the Presbyterian Church; 3.) This is also my fifth straight summer of instructing Chicago youth/young adults in job readiness preparation for summer jobs. This year I’m at St. Sabina in conjunction with the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative,

My wife and I share interests in local and healthy food and sustainable living choices too.

Both my blog,, and its companion print-version Neighborhood Shopper (a small-format, monthly advertising flyer for busy residents in Central Chicago), promote local business and local shopping.


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