Online Video

Reselling online video

This is a quick update on services that help web site owners resell video.
(This update might change quickly to add more services.)

Amazon Prime

Amazon’s streaming video service, Amazon Prime, is just one product among many that Amazon affiliates can resell for profit.

I think Amazon might be a good choice. Go ahead and sign up with the service you like best and I’ll set up the web site for you.

More affiliate programs

Vudu from Walmart

Walmart’s streaming video service, Vudu, rents movies individually and doesn’t offer contracts.


Netflix affiliates get paid each time a potential customer signs up for a free trial.


Blockbuster affiliates earn comissions when customers rent media through the mail.


Hulu affiliates earn money for each free trial subscriber referred from your website.

Target Ticket

Target Ticket isn’t open for business yet at this time.

Control over streaming media

Google Play

When an outside website wants to control streaming media using Google Play it must employ computer programmers (called “developers”).

Resellers: Streaming video media


Vidstore is a storefront. You must supply your own videos.

WordPress: Support

WordPress Video Plugin

A filter enables use of videos from dozens of services

No affiliate program at all

Paramount Movies

Chicago connection

Black Perspectives: Building a Community

Airaza Services is a distributor I think. You should go to this.

Saturday, 8 October 12pm; AMC River East (322 East Illinois St.)

For the 15th Anniversary of our Black Perspectives program, we are turning our focus to independent production and distribution models for Black cinema in Chicago. With one of the largest and most diverse African-American populations in the country we’ll explore the past, present and future of Black cinema produced in the Chicago area. With director Alrick Brown (KINYARWANDA), Independent Chicago Filmmakers James Reed and Barbara Allen, film critic and author Monique Landsberger, Cultural critic Lee Bey, moderated by filmmaker and President of the National Association of Black Screenwriters Vaun Monroe.


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