Chickens & The City

Fresh eggs from the back yard? In the city?

A few hundred folks, perhaps more, now raise chickens as part of the expanding local food and urban farming scene according to Martha Boyd, Urban Initiative Program Director at Angelic Organic Learning Center, Chicago.

Chickens at Moah’s Ark in Rogers Park. From

“And lots of people who keep them that haven’t joined our network, also may not speak English, or use computers. I’ve guessed it’s somewhere upwards of 200, not sure just how far above,” Boyd explained.

Keeping chickens as pets and for eggs is legal too — that’s usually the first question. The second question: But how?

The Urban Livestock Expo at Garfield Park Conservatory’s Jensen Room on February 16, 2013, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., aims to provide information and support in keeping backyard poultry and farm animals. “We’ll talk about a lot of the related issues,” Boyd says.

Can’t make it? Look for more workshops, and Martha Boyd, at and then find chicago-chicken-enthusiasts at


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