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World Computer Exchange Needs Your Support


The Chicago Chapter of World Computer Exchange is asking for your support this holiday season.

Jack O’Donnell, Chicago Coordinator, explains, “As you may know I’m a volunteer with the World Computer Exchange. It is a nonprofit that takes used computers from business, refurbishes them, and then sends them to classrooms in developing countries. Once a year World Computer Exchange has a fundraising campaign to support its work. This year a board member will match the first $10,000 in donations.”

Donations are accepted at this link. At “Program Designation” please select “J O’Donnell – Friends & Family”.

“I ask people who wish to help in this way to donate here during December to invest in our work in 2013. At the Program Designation box please select my name from the drop-down list.
That’s just for tracking. I don’t get a cut :-),” O’Donnell adds.

Technology + Education = Potential

Since May, Chicago computer donors and volunteers have given and refurbished over 500 PCs ready for shipment. Your donation will make it possible for these computers to be delivered to classrooms.

Learn more about the work of World Computer Exchange at

Jack O’Donnell is the World Computer Exchange Chicago Coordinator, Content Project Manager, and Regional Manager for Latin America. Email Phone 773 316 2944


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