When Will You Buy Your
Custom Made Shirt?


Everyone knows making that perfect impression takes vast amounts of preparation. But who, exactly, has the time anymore to get that perfect look?

Let’s face it, everyone has the best intentions when it comes to looking good. You just need an edge. Here’s one you probably should consider.

A custom made shirt from Bzach Custom Shirt Chicago.

Take a minute and think about it.

  • Unexcelled fit.
  • Every small detail attended to with precision and care.
  • Complements bone stucture, physique, proportions.
  • Soft, even luxurious feel against your skin.

Custom made shirts for once-in-a-lifetime events

Formal outings, special evenings, and important business meetings each deserve a unique, one-of-a-kind custom made shirt. Luxurious fabric in a neutral color for the formal evening. Slimmer fits and stylish patterns are just right for fine restaurants and that night out.

Where do I start?

Start with the tailor. The tailor knows. He will craft exactly the right design once you tell him about the event.

Bzach Custom Shirt Chicago at 1326 West Grand, a few doors west of Ogden and an easy minute’s walk from Starbucks, may be the right tailor for you. Fifteen years experience at such renowned stores as Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Marshal Field’s gives this tailor his edge.

Do it for yourself.

Bzach Custom Shirt Chicago
1326 W. Grand Ave., Chicago, IL 60642, Phone: 312 624 8770, Cell: 847 208 6319, bzachcustomshirtchicago.com, M-F 9:30 – 6, Sat. 10 – 4. Email bzachchicago@gmail.com.


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