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Jermayne McKay
Your Local Representative

Say you’re on a two-year cellphone contract and you don’t like it. You’d prefer your cellphone plan didn’t use contracts at all.

What’s the future hold? What’s possible today?

First, without realizing it, you’ve drifted into a hot topic in which consumers are demanding they should keep their existing cellphone and then be allowed to switch carriers at will. You explain it differently but you’re actually part of a growing trend.

Going unlocked costs more in the beginning but will pay off big time in the long haul.

What’s the future hold?

A blog post from presidential advisor David Edelman neatly sums up one possible future: “The Obama Administration would support a range of approaches to addressing this issue, including narrow legislative fixes in the telecommunications space that make it clear: neither criminal law nor technological locks should prevent consumers from switching carriers when they are no longer bound by a service agreement or other obligation.”

That’s good to know. Still your concern is the here and now.

What’s possible today? This is one scenario.

Alphabet soup. YES: GSM. (Never buy CDMA.)

You’re starting fresh and your old contract no longer holds you back. You’re accustomed to buying a new cellphone at this juncture anyway so let’s go with that. However the new one won’t come with a contract.

Some choices in cellphones without plans include HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy S III, and LG Optimus. Purchasing a device without a plan allows you the freedom to pick and choose.

Purchase your plan now — with or without a contract. This is the network and it’s chosen separately. Typical choices include Straight Talk or Solavei.

Now a technician, or any techie, really, can perform the same functions that the reps at the AT&T showroom do. Pull it all together and you’ve created a working cellphone minus the two-year contract.

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