Community Action

Neighborhood Recovery Initiative

Neighborhood Recovery Initiative’s Youth Employment Program connects employers with the next generation of talented and diverse young workers. NRI is providing job skills training to 1,800 Chicago-area young people ages 16 to 24. These youth will be available to work part-time at partnering local businesses and organizations for nine weeks this summer, 2013.


  • All wages are subsidized by the NRI state grant program without cost to employers.
  • NRI manages all payroll and bookkeeping functions related to youth employment.
  • NRI manages recruitment and screening and provides workforce development training prior to employment.

This program provides employers the opportunity not only to gain a valuable employee without cost, but help mold the next generation of community and business leaders.

Grow your business while providing a young person with valuable work experience!

Learn more at


Many sincere, honest, hard-working youth want to DO THE RIGHT THING but the cycle of trouble grinds at them. Last summer on the last day of job skills training a quiet young lady confided, “Am I really going to get a job? Because if I do I think I’m going to cry.” The next day ALL 25 youth in her class got summer jobs, 2012, because enough Chicago employers signed up with the program.

This year will you step forward and HIRE YOUTH FOR SUMMER JOBS? Contact me now to learn how. (Am especially interested in employers in the 60620 zip code and around the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood.)


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