Business Marketing Idea Starters


(Not) For Business Owners Only!


Whether you’re self-employed, a store owner, contractor, work at home, have an Internet business, or run a non-profit, you need to keep the business running at a good pace and you do that, primarily, by using your unique skill set.

If marketing your business is further down your list of priorities, then, from time to time, you might enjoy a second look at some everyday tips and tricks.

Advertising Flyers

Advertising flyers are a low-cost way to promote your services, your products, sales, coupons, or your special events. Some of these flyers look like small, local newspapers and have names such as “Penny Saver” or “Community News”. Some look like magazines and many are Internet-based. Some are specific to a trade, hobby, or demographic. Do your research to find the advertising medium best suited to your field.

Once you find a likely publication, ask for its “advertising rate card”, and prepare to purchase an ad. Most of your preparation should center around the the ad’s message and appearance.

Purchase the ad and run it for several months. Keep careful notes on the responses you get. Success isn’t guaranteed. Monitor the results and then further customize it the next time you run it in an effort to improve on its impact.


It belongs to you: The advertisement you’re running, the flyer, card, menu, whatever. Along with placing your order, be sure to get a printable PDF or JPG of it as well. With that image file, you can print it again, anywhere, anytime. You can print it in your shop, at the office supply/print store, at a photo kiosk in the drug store, as well as at Internet printers.

True, the results will be different. Yes, there may be problems. But given all the issues, it’s still a good habit to ask for the printable PDF and JPG of your order.

Rave Review

Why let others tell your story? Instead, tell it the way you want it told, yourself. Then you’ll post it online, add it to your advertising, and generally re-use it any way, any time you see fit.

The Internet may have changed everything, but one thing that in particular has become outrageously obvious in the Internet Age is that anyone can write a review. It don’t take no special qualifications, that’s fer sure! Another thing, how can anonymous reviews be taken seriously? Yet they are.

So how is it a breach of etiquette for a business owner to write a story about themselves? The big companies do it all the time. You should too.

A suggestion. Start by asking customers of yours to write recommendations (plus an agreement to print them). Get a picture of the customer. Writing a dozen of these will get you over the initial fear.


Your next step is probably the library for books on press releases or media releases. Books written before the dawn of the Internet are still valid. It’s not enough to copy and paste someone else’s media release. Whenever a milestone in your business occurs, train yourself to write an accompanying media release and distribute it to several media outlets including all your Internet accounts.

What do you think?

Have a favorite publicity tip of your own? Let’s hear about it.


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