Home Maintenance


Making Carpet Selection
and Care Easy

Buying new carpet? No time to waste? Join the club. You want to understand cost and maintenance? Let’s get to it.

First, how big is the room? Measure the width. Measure the length. Multiply the two together. This is the area and it’s the number you need to know.

After the measurements come the questions. “What kind of carpet should we buy?” Let’s see:

  1. Which carpet type is inexpensive? Filament Polyester.
  2. Which carpet type is easy to clean? Bingo. Filament Polyester.
  3. What color choices go with everything? Brown and beige are common picks.
  4. How should carpet feel when you run your hand over it? At home, soft is always a good answer.
  5. [img]Jose Tejeda, 312-226-3914, The Carpet Group, 2141 W. Fulton, Chicago, says filament Polyester is the easiest carpet to keep clean.

  6. Some carpets need to be replaced in five years or more. It’s just a fact of life for inexpensive carpets.

If you want an inexpensive, easy-to-clean carpet for a room (not a hallway), filament Polyester is your choice of carpets.
The answer to the statements above is filament Polyester.

Carpet Care

Keeping your new carpet attractive with regular vacuuming and annual machine washing is easier than you might think.

Hoover’s home steam carpet cleaner costs under $200.

  1. Vacuum your new carpet consistently.
  2. Watch several do-it-yourself carpet washing videos on the Internet. Start at Consumer Reports.
  3. Rent or buy a small, carpet steam cleaning machine. Empty the room and machine wash it every year.

Renting the machine? Return it the same day for the best rate. The cleaning detergent is expensive so keep the unused portion for next time, OK?

Easy is a good thing

Everything can be complicated 10 ways to Sunday and carpets are no exception. For advanced advice first study up yourself and then ask a representative at your local carpet store. If you need inexpensive and easy, though, filament Polyester and consistent cleaning are the keys.

A free download of this report is at chicago.trialwebsite.biz/fulton_w_2141.pdf


2 responses

  1. Hi Chuck, I was happy to read your blogs. You have a wealth of information and a variety of interesting things to tell. I will check out Truong’s when I am in Chicago again.

  2. Thanks for reading, Connie.
    Actually Truong at Halsted and Lumber isn’t open to the public because they’re a distributor to ethnic markets. The event I reported was the grand opening of their new facility.
    I like Fulton Market on West Fulton between Ashland and Ogden for distributors that do sell to the public.
    Continued good luck in Saginaw!
    Chuck Williams

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