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Hudsons Torn Down The Real Detroit Story
Read the real Detroit story from a native.
[img] Reselling Online Video: Update
Searching for services that enable resellers to provide video content to their customers? You’re not alone.
[img] Neighborhood Recovery Initiative: Youth Employment
Employers — This summer youth employment program finds jobs for sincere, hard-working youth. Want to help?
[img] Learning Event: Continues “Special and Strong”
Workshops on just about anything interesting.
[img] Urban Farming: Chickens & The City
Ever wonder what it would be like to raise chickens in Chicago? Talk to people who know.
[img] Tech: Fun with twxRay
twXray is a beta web application helping us understand which issues a Twitter user is most concerned with. twXray (pronounced “twx-ray”) was developed at the Knight Innovation Lab at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.
[img] Around Town: World Computer Exchange
The Chicago Chapter of World Computer Exchange asks for your support. This nonprofit accepts used computers from businesses, refurbishes them, and then sends them to classrooms in developing countries where they are eagerly awaited.
[img] Tailor: Custom Shirts at Grand/Ogden.
Fine tailoring, alterations, custom shirts and suits from Bzach Custom Shirt Chicago.
[img] Shopping Experience: Old Temple Chicago.
There’s nothing to compare it to: Chasing one-of-a-kind Oriental furniture and accessories across China, Indonesia, Thailand, and India, seeking out the rarest treasure, and returning the prize to Old Temple Chicago in the West Loop.
[img] Home Maintenance: Easy Carpet Selection & Care.
If you want an inexpensive, easy-to-clean carpet for a room, filament Polyester is your best pick.

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